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White Wines

From the rich Grand Cru Burgundies to the petrol-scented, honeyed Rieslings of Germany, some of the best white wines in the world have surprisingly long ageing potential. Chardonnay is the world's most planted white grape, with its spiritual home in Burgundy, and grown widely throughout the world, often with the influence of oak (and often not).

Compared to red wines, white wines tend to have more noticeable acidity on average, due to the fact that most white wines do not undergo a process called malolactic fermentation, which converts tart malic acid into creamy lactic acid. When white wines do undergo this malolactic fermentation, they are also typically aged in oak, resulting in an oaky, more buttery style. When choosing a white wine, understanding your preference on acidity and, relatedly, the body can be immensely helpful.