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Blended Whisky

The vast majority of Scotch Whiskies are blended: Blended Grain, a blend of Single Grains from more than one distillery; Blended Malt, a blend of Single Malts from more than one distillery; or simply Blended Whisky, a blend of one or more Single Malts with one or more Single Grains. These can also be incredible expressions of age-worthy whiskies.

Stand-out names include Ballantine's, Black & White, Chivas Regal, Compass Box, Johnnie Walker, Old Perth and Royal Salute, to name but a few. Seamlessly combining component parts, the range of exquisite whiskies on offer here at Hedonism is testament to the skill and mastery of the men and women behind such blends, drawing on many decades (and sometimes generations) of experiential learning to create truly sublime blended whiskies.