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Lowlands Whisky

A key production region for Scottish whisky, the Lowland area of Scotland boasts a stellar line up of distilleries, including Auchentoshan, Kinclaith, Rosebank, Littlemill, North British, St Magdalene, Bladnoch, Holyrood to name but a few. The Lowlands, with its abundance of arable farmland well-suited to cereal farming, tend to be associated with lighter, more delicate styles of whisky: sweet and approachable, with green fruit and cereal character.

From the light, delicate spirit of the Auchentoshan distillery, located at the foot of Kilpatrick hills, to the stellar whiskies of the lost distillery of Rosebank in Stirlingshire or the extremely rare and highly sought-after whiskies of Kinclaith, the Scottish Lowlands offer up a real treat for the true whisky connoisseur.