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Vermouth & Aromatised Wine

Dry Vermouth, Sweet Vermouth and Chinato are just some of the unique beverages that feature here. Essentially, all vermouth is a fortified and aromatised wine, meaning it starts out with a wine base, adds a dash of spirit to fortify and finally blends in a selection of herbs and spices for flavour. Produced primarily in Italy and France, White Vermouths tend to be dry (associated more with France) while red Vermouths tend to be sweet (associated more with Italy). In either case, wormwood historically has been the flagship ingredient, though less prominent in modern times, and Vermouths were once thought to have medicinal properties.

Today, they are more enjoyed as an aperitif, providing an essential botanical bitterness in classic cocktails like the Martini, Negroni and Manhattan, and they take centre stage in the Americano and the Spritz. Since they are fortified and not distilled, Vermouths have a shorter shelf life than spirits, but longer than your average wine. Most bottles should be consumed within a few weeks to a few months at most and kept in the refrigerator to preserve freshness.