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A distilled spirit from fruit juice, very often grapes, brandy is produced all over the world, including the Cognac, Armagnac and apple-based Calvados of France, the grappa of Italy and the traditional fruit eaux-de-vies of central and northern Europe. Whether you enjoy a digestif of Vieille Prune or Marc de Bourgogne at the end of a meal or sweet, oak-aged Brandies of Armenia to accompany a cigar, this category offers a huge variety of different spirits from elegant, fresh and fruity to dense, dark and rich. Brandies are made by making a base wine, whether of grape or other fruit, which is then distilled into the spirit.

Before aging in barrel the spirit is known as eau-de-vie; after barrel aging, it becomes brandy. The word brandy comes from the Dutch word "brandewijn", which literally means "burned wine", a reference to the wine being heated during distillation. While many enjoy brandy on its own, it often serves as a staple ingredient in many classic cocktails, such as a Sidecar, Pisco Sour and even eggnog.