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All Tequilas are technically Mezcals, but not all Mezcals are Tequila. What does this mean exactly? While Tequila must come from the blue agave plant only, Mezcal can come from many different varieties of agave, the most popular of which is Espadin. Tequila comes from the Mexican state of Jalisco, while Mezcals are mostly from the state of Oaxaca. In addition, the production methods often differ during processing, fermentation and distillation.

Of course, many are familiar with Tequila, but Mezcal is considered by many to be Mexico's best-kept secret. Produced in minuscule quantities in the tiny pueblos of Oaxaca and beyond, the complexity of Mezcal and its depth of flavour has led many to compare these unique distillations to the peated malts of Islay. Mezcals are often labelled with the variety of Agave plant used, much in the way a wine is labelled with a grape variety with Tepextate, Barril, Tobasiche and Tobala, in addition to the already mentioned Espadin, being some of the most popular.