“Hedonism meets…” brings to life the people and places behind the myriad wonderful wines and spectacular spirits we offer to Hedonists worldwide. Below is our full archive from the series – enjoy!

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Hedonism Meets... Mark Reynier

Posted by Hedonism Wines

Mark Reynier is a busy man. Following his triumphant reopening and revitalisation of closed Islay distillery Bruichladdich in the 2000s, Mark set his sights on Irish single malts founding Waterford on the south east coast of Ireland and distilling his first spirit there in 2015. The project ...

Hedonism Meets... Alistair Walker

Posted by Hedonism Wines

Alistair Walker is steadily making a name for himself with connoisseurs of fine Scottish whisky. Following stints at various distilleries, including BenRiach, Alistair founded Infrequent Flyers - an independent bottler that sources casks and releases small batches of uniquely special whiskies. Fr...

Hedonism Meets... Manfred Krankl

Posted by Hedonism Wines

The wines of Sine Qua Non need little introduction. Mould breaking, iconoclastic, visionary are just some of the descriptors invoked when critics and wine lovers discuss this unique winery. Based in Ventura, north of LA, the wines of Sine Qua Non regularly notch up perfect scores from critics whi...

Hedonism Meets... John Glaser

Posted by Hedonism Wines

John Glaser and the team at Compass Box have spent the last twenty years slowly creating a revolution in Scotch whisky. Compass Box look beyond the current fashion for single malts and champion the delights of fine artisanal blends, sourcing single malts from and well-aged grains from Scotland's ...

Hedonism Meets... Julie Cavil

Posted by Hedonism Wines

Krug are surely one of titans of the wine world, mixing tradition with innovation whilst maintaining an aquiline focus on producing the very best sparkling wine possible - from multi-vintage blends, to vintage releases and on to library bottlings. For this edition of Hedonism Meets... we caught u...