“Hedonism meets…” brings to life the people and places behind the myriad wonderful wines and spectacular spirits we offer to Hedonists worldwide. Below is our full archive from the series – enjoy!

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Hedonism Meets... Dave Cuttino, Reservoir Distillery

Posted by Hedonism Wines

We were delighted to sit down and talk craft whiskey with Dave Cuttino of Reservoir Distillery in Virginia. Dave and the team have been forging new ground with their high quality, ultra-local approach to whiskey-making. We discuss the past, present and future of Reservoir and also the recently released (and swiftly sold out!) Hedonism x Reservoir collaboration bottling.

Hedonism Meets... Jonathan Gibson, House of Hazelwood

Posted by Hedonism Wines

Hedonism Wines catches up with Marketing Director, Jonathan Gibson, to hear about the story behind House of Hazelwood and the unrivalled once-private collection of aged Scotch whiskies that are being released to collectors and whisky enthusiasts alike…