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Ballantiness Blended Scotch

A Scottish Institution

Ballantine's produce fine blended Scottish whiskies

The Ballantine's brand traces its history back to 1827 when George Ballantine opened an Edinburgh grocers which offered a range of whiskies. George's son Archibald built upon his father's success, moving the business away from general grocery supplies and instead focussing exclusively on wines and spirits - it was at this time that the company began blending and bottling Scotch whisky.

Ballantine's reputation as a bottler of fine blends grew steadily and the early 20th century saw the brand go global, shortly after the founding family sold their stake. The whiskies range from the every day to the super premium and are generally based on malt spirit from Miltonduff and Glenburgie distilleries with grain sourced from Dumbarton, although each batch can contain spirit from over fifty different distilleries. 

The current Master Blender is Sandy Hyslop. Appointed in 2006, Sandy is only the 5th Master Blender in Ballantine's 180-year history.