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Domaines des Comtes Lafon

A Singular Vision

Dominique Lafon produces some of the world's greatest Chardonnay

Domaine des Comtes Lafon is widely considered to produce some of the world's greatest Chardonnay. Currently managed by fourth generation family member Dominique Lafon, who inherited the winery from his father René in the mid 1980s, Comtes Lafon own and source fruit from many of the greatest cru in the region - including Charmes, Clos de la Barre and Montrachet.

Dominique pursued a policy of converting all vineyards under Comtes Lafon's stewardship over to traditional farming methods - moving first to fully organic in 1995 and on to biodynamic in 1998. The average age of vines is around 40 years with yields kept low to ensure quality. Alongside his world class Chardonnay, Dominique also produces Premier Cru Volnay in limited quantities - a relatively new addition to the winery's portfolio, they are swiftly gaining a cult following.