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Cabernet Franc

Loire's Black Grape

Not as well known as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc is just as important to the world of fine wine, particularly in Bordeaux, south-west France, where it plays a supporting role in some of the region's most famous wine. Elsewhere in France, Cabernet Franc is the primary black grape of the red wines of the Loire Valley - famously Bourgueil, Chinon, St. Nicolas de Bourgueil and Saumur-Champigny. Away from its native France, the grape is grown successfully in Italy, Argentina, USA, Hungary, Australia and even Canada, where it used to make the super sweet dessert wine "Ice Wine". 

From a viticultural perspective, the grape buds and ripens slightly earlier than Cabernet Sauvignon, making ideal for slightly cooler climates and thrives in sandy, chalky vineyards. In terms of aromas and flavours, the wines tend to be lighter and more delicate than those made using Cabernet Sauvignon. A distinct peppery perfume is often present on the nose along with aromas of tobacco, raspberry, cassis and violets.

green pepper
sweet tobacco