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Côte de Nuits, Burgundy, France

Bonnes-Mares (or Les Bonnes Mares) is a celebrated Grand Cru producing famously long-lived Pinot Noirs. Most of the Bonnes-Mares vineyard is situated within the commune of Chambolle-Musigny, however a small section also crosses over into Morey-St-Denis. Bonnes-Mares is adjacent to the Grand Cru of Clos De Tart.

This dual location arouses considerable debate among Burgundy enthusiasts over the essential style of wines from this vineyard. The truth is that the heterogeneous nature of the vineyard soils (mostly siliceous clay over limestone and white marl subsoil, but with varying degrees of clay, stoniness and depth) means the wines of Bonnes-Mares can vary in style, from bold and tannic to rounded, elegant and perfumed. This heterogeneity is becoming more emphatic as Bonnes-Mares as the number of landowners in the vineyard increases. What is consistent in all the wines of this Grand Cru is their deliciousness and their longevity – in good vintages they will age gracefully for 30-50 years.