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Isle of Skye Whisky

The Isle of Skye is home to two important distilleries: Talisker and Torabhaig. The largest of the Inner Hebridean islands and situated off western Scotland, Skye is characterised by its iconic rocky, rugged landscape and miles of dramatic coastline. Look for typical maritime salinity, pepper and smoke complexity in the whiskies from this unique Scottish island.

Until relatively recently, Talisker was the only distillery on Skye, having been first established in 1825 by the MacAskill brothers and subsequently rebuilt after it burned down in 1960. Now owned by Diageo, Talisker's whiskies beautifully encapsulate the mystery and grandeur of the Skye terroir. Torabhaig meanwhile is a relatively new distillery on Skye. Fully operational since January 2017, the distillery at Torabhaig is the second ever licensed Single Malt Scotch Whisky distillery on the Isle of Skye, producing marvellous whiskies with roasted, smoky peat and plenty of maritime character.