Yamazaki Tsukuriwake Cask Collection 2022

Four limited editions whiskies showcasing the many faces of Yamazaki

The 2022 Yamazaki Cask Series draws inspiration from Tsukuriwake, a philosophy that celebrates diversity in craftsmanship. This series reveals the distinct components that define Yamazaki whisky, from the specific casks used for maturation to the types of malt employed.

Comprising four unique single malts, the series features the Yamazaki Puncheon, Yamazaki Spanish Oak, Yamazaki Mizunara, and Yamazaki Peated Malt.

Yamazaki Mizunara Oak (2022 Edition)
HED00112 / 70cl
The 2022 Yamazaki Mizunara single malt, part of the Yamazaki Cask Series, was aged in Japanese mizunara oak casks. Its maturation in these unique barrels has infused it with a spicy and aromatic profile, featuring flavors of custard cream biscuits, caramel, incense, and oak across the palate.
Yamazaki Spanish Oak (2022 Edition)
HED00113 / 70cl
Released in 2022, the Yamazaki Spanish Oak is a deeply complex Japanese single malt aged in carefully chosen Spanish oak casks, forming part of the 2022 Yamazaki Cask Series. It delivers a rich tasting experience with flavors of dried fruits, toasted nuts, and rich pastry notes, complemented by a subtle acidity that enhances the lingering finish.
Yamazaki Peated Malt (2022 Edition)
HED00110 / 70cl
The 2022 Yamazaki Cask Series Peated Malt whisky unveils an adventurous blend of peated malts, culminating in a sophisticated, smoky essence. This edition tantalizes the taste buds with a palette of earthy smoke, pineapple, yuzu, charred oak, and fresh green herbs, leaving a lasting impression with each sip.
Yamazaki Puncheon (2022 Edition)
HED00111 / 70cl
The 2022 edition of Yamazaki Puncheon features a complex and spicy Japanese single malt, matured in specially-crafted American oak puncheons and included in the 2022 Yamazaki Cask Series. It showcases a palate rich with notes of butterscotch, vanilla, oak, ripe orchard fruit, and lightly toasted nuts, all of which linger into the finish.