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English Wines

Though closely tied to the drinks trade, it is only recently that England has come to be known as a respected player on the world's stage of wine production. Sparkling wine is the country's calling card, with some of the English producers rivaling those of Champagne. In fact, many coveted Champagne houses like Taittinger and Pommery have begun buying land and producing sparkling wine in England, as well.

England's wine production is centred around the southern coast of the isle, with three main regions including Kent, Surrey and Sussex, though England has yet to establish a formal appellation system. Champagne grape varieties Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier are commonly planted for traditional method sparkling wines, though still wines are increasingly being made (and enjoyed) from these grape varieties, as well as lesser known grapes such as Bacchus and Ortega.