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Sherry's Shining Star

A white grape variety that is primarily grown in the Jerez region of Spain. It is believed to have originated in Andalusia and has been cultivated in the region for centuries. More than 95% of the grape's production in Spain is used to make Sherries, with two of the most famous varieties, Manzanilla and Fino, using 100% Palomino.

The wines are generally pale in color and light in body, noted for their high acidity. They have a very dry and crisp flavour profile, with notes of almonds, citrus, and green apples. In addition to its use in fortified wines, Palomino grapes are also used to make unfortified wines, such as those produced in the Cadiz region of Spain. These wines are often aged in oak barrels and can have a richer, more complex profile than their fortified counterparts.

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