The Vérité Vault

An Exclusive Collection

The Vérité Vault at Hedonism Wines

An exclusive collaboration between the winery and Hedonism, bringing one of the world’s most complete collections of Vérité together in a single parcel. This collection showcases vintages between 1998 to 2019, encompassing La Joie, La Muse and Le Desir. The Vérité Vault brings today 78 bottles spanning 21 years of winemaking, particularly rare are the large formats included in the selection - three double-magnums and six jeroboams.

The wines of Sonoma County-based Vérité, French for “truth,” are the result of a combination of old-world experience and new world fruit. Each wine is a distinct blend of unique components harvested from small vineyard blocks, culminating in a meticulously formed union of grape varieties, climate, soil expression and winemaking technique.

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Meet the winemaker

An interview with Pierre Seillan

Hedonism Wines were fortunate enough to sit down for a Q&A with vigneron Pierre Seillan, who has been responsible for crafting the wines at internationally-renowned Vérité since 1998. A self-described ‘servant of the soil’, Pierre Seillan’s passion lies in crafting wines from diverse terroirs, using the same philosophy to capture the unique expressions of each vintage and terroir.

Representing the diversity of California’s Sonoma County, and inspired by the great wines of Bordeaux, founder Jess Jackson has worked with Pierre Seillan to create Vérité’s three distinctive blends: La Muse, La Joie and Le Désir.

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A three pack of Vérité

Explore the wines of Vérité

A Californian icon producing wines inspired by the First Growth Châteaux of the Médoc.