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Orkney Whisky

Situated off the North coast of Scotland, the windswept archipelago of Orkney is a unique group of islands that is home to the Highland Park and Scapa distilleries. The world's northernmost distillery, the history of Highland Park dates back to the late 18th century and peat plays an important role in the whiskies it produces. Highland Park has been making single malt scotch the same way for over 200 years, harnessing Orkney's surprisingly mild climate together with the finest quality sherry seasoned oak casks to make stand-out malts.

From the rich intensity of the rare Highland Park 50 Year Old to the highly sought-after Warrior Series, this is a distillery that promises utter delight for the whisky connoisseur. Meanwhile Orcadian distillery, Scapa, produces a surprisingly smooth and honeyed single malt that is a dynamic balance of unexpected contrasts, reflecting the diversity of the island it is distilled upon.