Port Ellen Distillery

Port Ellen 44 Year Old Gemini

A Limited Two-Bottle Collection

Register your interested in one of the rarest expressions of Port Ellen ever released by Diageo, to celebrate the re-opening of Islay's famous ghost distilleries. 

Celebrating the revival of Port Ellen distillery

Not one, but two of the oldest Port Ellens ever released by Diageo, Port Ellen Gemini is a two bottle collectors edition, limited to just 274 worldwide. 

"Marking the return of an iconic distillery, and a new light in Port Ellen’s future, Port Ellen Gemini is true taste of a legend reawakened - a never before seen release of two unique and priceless expressions of a much-revered whisky, inspired by our rarest cask. Safeguarded on Islay, the Remnant Cask, an unusual barrel of timeless worth, was revealed to have touched three generations of Port Ellen history, cradling every drop and make - a lifetime of artistry soaked into its very grain.

Capturing this opportunity and illuminating its origin, the cask is revived with the same type of liquid it first contained more than half a century ago: a Walnut Brown Sherry. In true trailblazing spirit, today Port Ellen invites whisky lovers to discover and appreciate for their own, the profound craft imbued in a timeless 1978 Scotch, incarnated in two forms. One, left in its original splendour, and the second, rested in this rare and restored remnant cask."

Port Ellen 44 Year Old 'The Original' 70cl / 54.9% ABV

Port Ellen 44 Year Old 'The Remnant' 70cl / 53.6% ABV

£45,000 inc-VAT per two-bottle set

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Port Ellen 44 Year Old Gemini Set