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Tatenokawa Sake

Six Generations of Excellence

Tatenokawa create only Junmai Daiginjo grade Sake

Tatenokawa are led by sixth generation brewer Sato Jumpei, who has a clear vision for pushing the boundaries of sake brewing further than ever before. Sato set out his "100 Year Vision" to mould Tatenokawa into one of the world's greatest producers of fine Japanese Sake and key to this is their commitment to only brew the highest grade of sake Junmai Daiginjo.

Sato set his sights on creating sakes using ever more intense polishing ratios, culminating in the release of Zenith Komyo Yamada Nishiki - the world's first sake made with rice polished to just 1%, a feat many thought could not be achieved. While Tatenokawa is a brewery with over a 150 years of history, they are right at the cutting edge of sake production.