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Highland Park

An Orcadian Icon

Rolling out the barrel at Highland Park distillery

Arguably one of Scotland's most famous 'island distilleries' and certainly one of the most remote, Highland Park is situated on Orkney in the Shetlands. Established in 1798, the distillery sources peat from their own heather moorland and water from Cattie Maggie's spring, the same source they have been using for over 200 years. Highland Park still operate their own floor malts, which provide around 20% of the barley they require for whisky-making, and operate two wash still and two spirit stills. 

The spirit is bold and complex with a whiff of wood char and a dense, barley-forward, honeyed character. The 12 year old and 18 year olds are considered classic malts by many whisky lovers, while single vintage releases and special editions sell quickly to collectors. Independent bottlings are rare, but worth seeking out.