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Dow's Port

200 Years of History

Charles Symington is head of winemaking at Dow's Port

One of the most famous Port houses, Dow's has been producing fine wines in the Douro for over two hundred years. The estate's most celebrated vineyards are the Quinta do Bomfim and it's from here that much of the fruit for Dow's vintage Port is sourced. In select vintages, Quinto do Bomfim also produces a Single Quinta wine, which is highly prized by Port lovers.

The house has been owned and operated by the Symington family since the early 1960s. The Symingtons arranged for the repurchase of the famous Quinta da Senhora da Ribeira, which was sold off in the 1950s, and brought Quinta do Santinho and Quinta da Cerdeira under the Dow's umbrella to ensure the house had access to suitably high quality fruit. Dow's represents excellent value for money in the world of vintage Port - a family run house with an eye on quality and tradition in equal measure.