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Zinfandel is a black-skinned grape variety that is widely grown in California and is considered one of the most important grapes in the history of modern winemaking in the United States. Its history can be traced back to Croatia, where it is known as Crljenak Kaštelanski, and to Italy, where it is known as Primitivo. The grape was brought to California in the mid-19th century, where it flourished and became one of the most widely planted varieties in the state.

The Zinfandel grape is known for its high sugar content, which makes it ideal for producing bold, fruit-forward wines. It produces a range of wine styles, from lighter bodied and fruity to full-bodied and rich. The wine is typically high in alcohol, with a range of 14 - 17%, and can be aged in oak barrels to add additional complexity and depth. Notable wineries that produce world class Zinfandel include Ridge Vineyards, Turley Wine Cellars, and Seghesio Family Vineyards.

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