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Spain's Answer to Pinot Noir

Mencia is a red grape variety that is primarily grown in the northwest region of Spain, specifically in the areas of Bierzo, Valdeorras, Ribeira Sacra, and Monterrei. The grape is also known as Jaen in Portugal and is believed to have originated in the Iberian Peninsula. Mencia was ilong considered an inferior grape variety that was used primarily for blending. However, in recent years, it has gained recognition for its high-quality wines, and it is now regarded one of Spain's most exciting and distinctive red grape varieties.

Mencia grapes typically produce medium to full-bodied wines with medium-high acidity and moderate tannins. The wines are known for their complex aromas, which often include dark fruit notes, such as blackberry and black cherry, as well as floral and herbal notes. In cooler regions, the wines may exhibit more pronounced minerality and earthy notes.

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