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Fruit, Spice and Texture

This aromatic white grape variety produces intensely perfumed, full-bodied oily-textured whites at a range of sweetness levels, from dry through to medium dry. Typically characterised by their low acidity and warming alcohol, Gewürztraminer styles tend to display floral notes of rose, orange blossom, lychee, peach, grape and sweet ginger spice (indeed the German word ‘Gewürz’ in fact means spice. These wines can develop honeyed, nutty complexity with age). The Gewürztraminer grape skins have a pink tinge to them, often resulting in golden coloured wines.

Key areas for this grape variety are the French region of Alsace, located on the border between Germany and France, and Marlborough and Martinborough in New Zealand. In Alsace, look out for key examples from producers including Schlumberger, Hugel and Mittnacht Frères. Discover the wonderfully aromatic, terroir-driven styles of the Dry River Estate in Martinborough or the aromatic, off-dry whites of boutique Marlborough winery, Te Whare Ra. Revel in the extremely rare Sine Qua Non offering from pioneering Californian winemaker, Manfred Krankl, and savour the unique interpretation he gives to this beautiful white variety. A grape variety that can both surprise and delight!

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