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Guide to the Most Expensive Springbank Whiskies You Must Know

Nestled on an unassuming side street in Campbeltown, on Scotland’s west coast, Springbank Distillery is renowned worldwide for its dedication to traditional whisky-making methods and exceptional quality. “Cult following” is an understatement when it comes to Springbank, the distillery has quietly become one of the world’s most respected producers of single malt Scotch. Let’s take a look at five of the rarest and most expensive bottles produced at Springbank as of 2024.


Springbank 1919 50 Year Old

At the time of its distillation, the rarity of this whisky would have seemed improbable. In 1919, Campbeltown was still a thriving whisky region. Alfred Barnard’s 1885 visit counted 21 distilleries in the area. Campbeltown’s success was due to its proximity to coal, water, and barley farms, as well as its coastal location on the Kintyre peninsula, which facilitated the import of peat and barley and access to export markets in the US. However, Prohibition and other factors eventually led to the closure of many distilleries.

Prohibition in the USA, along with the closure of the Drumlemble coal mine and changing tastes among blenders, devastated Campbeltown’s whisky industry. By the 1920s, 17 of the region’s distilleries had closed. Fortunately, Springbank was one of the two survivors. It’s remarkable that a vintage from 1919 remained warehoused until it was bottled in 1970. This whisky endured through times when single malts were unpopular and the industry was in decline, with much whisky discarded rather than bottled. With only 24 bottles ever produced, this 50-year-old whisky is a true collector's gem.

Auction estimate as of June 2024 - £180,000 per bottle


Springbank 1966 Sherry Cask 24 Year Old #443 / Local Barley

This whisky is part of a limited series made from malted barley sourced from local farms in the Campbeltown area. Initially introduced in the late 1980s, this series was later renamed the Local Barley series in the 2000s. Distilled in 1966 and aged in single sherry cask #443, this exceptional whisky was bottled in 1990.

Both Sherry-matured and Bourbon-matured versions of these single cask whiskies were released, but it’s the Sherry-matured versions that turn the most heads when it comes to Springbank collectors.

Auction estimate as of June 2024 - £7,400 per bottle


Springbank Millennium Collection 6 x 70cl

A set of six rather than a single bottle here. As the name suggests, the Millennium collection was bottled around the year 2000 and featured six whiskies from 25 years old up to 50 years old. The range is comprised of the following bottles:

25 Year Old 46.7%

30 Year Old 46.7%

35 Year Old 46.7%

40 Year Old 40%

45 Year Old 40.1%

50 Year Old 40.5%

Auction estimate as of June 2024- £34,000


Springbank 1952 / Lockerbie Aid Bottling - One of 24

This incredibly rare release from Springbank was distilled on 17th June 1952. It was bottled for charity in 1989 in aid of the Lockerbie disaster which occurred in December the previous year. The bottle was later auctioned for the fundraiser on BBC television with Terry Wogan, and the funds raised were donated to the cause. Signed on reverse of the front label by Headly Wright, the chairman of Springbank.

With just 24 bottles produced every, this 37 year old single malt rarely if ever sees the light of day. Truly the jewel in the crown of any Springbank collection.

Auction estimate as of June 2024 - £12,500 per bottle


Springbank 'Glen Cawdor' 1964 Samaroli Sherry Wood

This legendary bottling from the great Silvano Samaroli is the only independent bottling on this list. The Glen Cawdor name, inspired by Shakespeare’s Castle Cawdor from "Macbeth," was used by Samaroli to disguise the true origin of certain distilleries, most commonly Springbank.

When researching this bottle, you’ll find some retailers and auctioneers list it as a Springbank, while others claim it is from Glen Ord. Emmanuel Dron, a close friend of Samaroli, speculated that Silvano might have confused this bottle with the 1962 Glen Ord he bottled for the LELE restaurant. Regardless, what truly matters is that this is an exceptional bottling from an exceptional bottler.

Distilled in 1964 and bottled in 1983 from a single sherry cask by R.W. Duthie, this is bottle number 92 of 360.

Auction estimate as of June 2024 - £7,200 per bottle

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