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Isle of Arran Whisky

Situated off the west coast of Scotland, the picturesque Isle of Arran is characterised by its soaring hills and rugged coasts, rich farmland and dense forests. This magnificent landscape provides the backdrop to the only distillery on the island: Arran. Founded as recently as 1995, this independent distillery has quickly gained a reputation for producing very fine single malts.

Great malt whisky is a distillation of the place where it is made. The local water, microclimate and air quality all influence the spirit as it is distilled and matured, resulting in truly unique Scotch whiskies. Here at Hedonism, discover the highly sought-after 'Devil's Punchbowl' limited edition series with its rich exoticism, or the Illicit Stills 'Smuggler's Series' with its powerful peaty fascination.