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Campbeltown Whisky

Campbeltown is one of the 5 key production regions for Scottish Whisky, situated at the bottom of the Kintyre peninsula. Over the years, 33 distilleries have been founded in Campbeltown, but now only 3 remain: Glengyle, Glen Scotia and Springbank. The characteristic Campbeltown profile is an Islay-style peat character. At Hedonism, we are delighted to stock some of the best offerings from Springbank (founded in 1828), including highly-coveted bottlings from Italian indie Samaroli forming part of the 'Ageing Monography' series, a limited run of five different whiskies exploring the effects of oak on ageing spirit.

The former Campbeltown distillery, Longrow, lives on via Springbank, who give the name 'Longrow' to their most heavily peated expression. The region of Campbeltown is a delight to explore; from Douglas Laing's Campbeltown blended whisky, 'The Gauldrons', with its coastal, gently spiced profile; to indie Campbeltown bottlings from Darkness and That Boutique-y Whisky Company.