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A spiced grain or potato spirit traditionally enjoyed in Nordic countries like Norway and Sweden, Aquavit must be flavoured with caraway and dill, but cardamom, cumin, anise and fennel are often also used. The result is a fresh, herbal spirit that is usually bottled un-aged, with some producers preferring to rest their Aquavit in oak barrels for added complexity. It is produced throughout Scandinavia, but also as far south as northern Germany.

Comparisons are often made to Gin, given both are relatively neutral spirits infused with botanicals; however, the botanical mix will be quite different with the heavy dependency on caraway and dill for Aquavit. Translated from Latin as "the water of life," Aquavit was once considered to have healing properties and is still often consumed as a digestif to help settle a heavy meal. In Scandinavia it is most often served neat, but it's not surprising to find Aquavit used as a replacement for vodka and gin in some of the most classic cocktails for an added twist.