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Rare bourbon drop for April

Including Old Elk, Calumet Farms, Penelope, Garrisons Bros and 1792.

1792 Full Proof
HED64011 / 75cl / 62.5%
A robust inclusion in the 1792 Bourbon collection, the 1972 Full Proof is bottled at 62.5% ABV and undergoes no chill-filtration. Powerful and rich in flavour, this daring bourbon features an extraordinary deep and smoky profile, harmoniously balanced with sweet vanilla and hints of caramel.
Calumet Farm 10 Year Old Bull Lea
HED21782 / 75cl / 50%
Calumet Farm 10 Year Old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey is crafted in 50 barrel batches. Aged to perfection for over a decade on a single rack (19 barrels) in the rick house. Each Kentucky Straight Bourbon bottle has a custom label with the specific rack location and number of barrels in that bottling. Notes of vanilla, butterscotch, and oak.
Calumet Farm 15 Year Old Whirlaway
HED21783 / 75cl / 52.5%
"Notes of oak and wood char are notable on the nose. The palate offers bold flavors of oak, aged spice and toasted grains are present while toffee and a subtle smoky-sweetness. A lingering finish mellows, leaving sweet tobacco and rye flavors with a slightly dry mouth feel" - Calumet Farm tasting notes
Calumet Farm 16 Year Old Citation
HED21784 / 75cl / 53%
"As the spirit opens up, lighter notes of citrus and orange mix with darker floral and cherry scents to complete the experience. The palate offers notes of saturated-oak and warm rye spice open the palate, allowing flavors of cherries, dark fruits, and baking spice to present fully - fresh baked bread, toasted toffee, and a light corn meal dryness round out the rich flavors. Imparting a lighter than expected finish, this spirit`s bold flavors give way to a subtle warmth, notes of toasted grains, and a smokiness that proceed the mellowing of wood sugars and oak." - Calumet Farm tasting notes
Garrison Brothers Balmorhea
HED21785 / 75cl / 57.5%
"It gives us great pleasure to introduce the beautiful Balmorhea. This magnificent Texas Straight Bourbon Whiskey is bold but majestically-crafted, having been aged four years in new American white oak barrels, then transferred to a second new American white oak barrel, and aged for one year. Simply put, this 2-time US Micro Whisky of the Year and San Francisco Double Gold winner is bourbon candy in a bottle." - Garrison Brothers
Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon
HED71341 / 75cl / 70.45%
Garrison Brothers Cowboy Bourbon is a limited-edition straight Bourbon whiskey produced at the Garrison Brothers Distillery in Hye, Texas, USA. Produced from a selection of extra-aged barrels of Bourbon by Master Distiller Donnis Todd, this limited-edition Bourbon is matured for a minimum of six years before bring bottled at cask-strength, uncut and unfiltered. A full-bodied, intensely flavoured Bourbon with notes of maple, wood smoke, leather and cinnamon.
Garrison Brothers Guadalupe
HED21786 / 75cl / 53.5%
"The perfect marriage of bourbon and port. Aged four years in toasted and charred white American oak barrels and an additional two years in beautiful port casks imported from Portugal, Guadalupe is the same award-winning Garrison Brothers Texas Straight Bourbon you love, with a delicate, sweet Port Wine finish. Guadalupe is a sensuous, creamy liquid, exploding with unique flavors and character, making it the perfect bourbon for the connoisseur with a sophisticated palate." - Garrison Brothers
Henry McKenna 10 Year Old Single Barrel
HED21653 / 75cl / 50%
A bourbon enthusiast`s joy, this hard-to-find, 10-year-old Henry McKenna is a single barrel bourbon boasting a 50% ABV. The whiskey reveals enticing notes of vanilla, toasted marshmallow, and light spices that linger. Incredibly smooth, it carries the typical oakiness and the goodness of bourbon.
High West A Midwinter Nights Dram Act 11.3
HED21662 / 75cl / 49.3%
A Midwinter Night`s Dram, Act 11, is part of High West`s seasonal releases, representing the 11th annual edition. The process begins with the use of Rendezvous Rye, a blend of straight rye whiskeys crafted from two mash bill recipes. The resulting rye blend undergoes additional maturation in ruby and tawny port casks. Expect notes of fig, cranberry, dark plum jam on rye toast, and gingerbread.
Old Elk Wheated Bourbon
HED21788 / 75cl / 46%
"A delicious and well-balanced wheated bourbon is something every whiskey lover should get their hands on. Ours is a chance for us to show you and the world what we’re capable of. By using our expertise in creating our delicious flagship bourbon, we tweaked our recipe and upped the wheat and kept the corn at the minimum. Our wheated bourbon consists of 51 percent corn, 45 percent wheat and four percent malted barley. The result? A liquid that allows for each ingredient to not only shine on its own, but highlights what happens when success meets craft." - Old Elk
Old Elk 10 Year Old Wheated Bourbon
HED21787 / 75cl / 55%
Master Distiller Greg Metze has crafted the 10-year Old Elk Straight Wheat Whiskey using a 95% soft red winter wheat mashbill that has been aged in barrels for a decade. Expect notes of baking spice, pineapple, and vanilla on the nose, while the taste offers a delicate blend of spice, oak, ripe pineapple, and cinnamon. The finish is marked by vanilla and cooked fruit, leaving a lingering soft impression.
Orphan Barrel 18 Year Old Indigo`s Hour
HED21790 / 75cl / 45%
This release from Diageo`s Orphan Barrel Whiskey Co. portfolio features a straight bourbon which was distilled in Indiana, aged in Kentucky, and bottled at Cascade Hollow Distilling Co. in Tullahoma, Tennessee. It was made using a high-rye bourbon mash bill of 68% corn, 28% rye, and 4% malted barley and was aged a minimum of 18 years in new, charred white oak barrels. A limited release.
Penelope Rio
HED21791 / 75cl / 49%
"Rio is the latest installment in our Cooper Series, where we take our straight whiskeys on a world tour, pairing them with unique casks from around the globe. Inspired by the vibrant joy of Brazil, Rio captivates the senses with a double cask finish in American honey and Brazilian oak casks. These two elements come together like perfect dance partners, offering a rich, sweet experience with surprising depth. It`s like having a carnival in a bottle." - Penelope Bourbon
Russells Reserve 10 Year Old
HED87194 / 75cl / 45%
A small batch bourbon that is part of Wild Turkey’s Russell’s Reserve line named after the company`s long-serving Master Distiller, Jimmy Russell. It is comprised of hand-selected barrels that have been aged for at least 10 years, but possibly more. Like all of Wild Turkey’s bourbons, it is made from their single bourbon mashbill. Expect quintessential bourbon flavours taking the lead, with caramel and vanilla notes resting against tobacco and seasoned oak.
Widow Jane 13 Year Old Lucky Thirteen
HED21657 / 75cl / 46.5%
‘Lucky Thirteen’ is a carefully matured bourbon crafted by the Widow Jane Distillery. This particular release has matured for 13 years and was bottled at 46.5% ABV. The spirit has been impacted by the diverse temperatures and humidity levels of its origin and its time spent ageing in the distillery`s rick house in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The unique positions within the rick house, coupled with climate fluctuations, have resulted in nuanced flavours, culminating in extremely limited batches consisting of just a few barrels at a time.
Widow Jane 15 Year Old The Vaults
HED21658 / 75cl / 49.5%
Widow Jane 15 Year Old The Vaults is an age-statement straight Bourbon whiskey produced by Widow Jane Distillery in Brooklyn, New York. The Vaults is a blend of rare Bourbons from several undisclosed distilleries in Indiana and Tennessee that were matured for a minimum of 15 years before being bottled in 2023. "Cloves, baking spices, and fragrant dried herbs on the nose—very herbal overall, hints of cedar chest, touches of mature oak, and dark chocolate. The palate is chewy and creamy, with caffé latte and spiced chocolate laced with coconut shavings. There’s a milkshake-like quality to its thickness and depth, with deeper notes of baked red berries, blackberries, and cinnamon-chocolate babka. A chocolate-filled finish with custard, cinnamon, and berry tart. A loaded, generous dram." Whisky Advocate