New Releases from Bruichladdich

Bruichladdich has introduced its Luxury Redefined series, a new collection featuring age statement whiskies of distinguished age statements. This series debuts with The Bruichladdich Eighteen and The Bruichladdich Thirty, with The Bruichladdich Twenty One set to join exclusively for Global Travel Retail later in 2024.

The Bruichladdich Eighteen, distilled in 2004, is crafted from a mix of Scottish Mainland, Islay, and Organic barley, ensuring full traceability of each grain type and harvest from farm to bottle. This 18-year-old, unpeated single malt was aged entirely on Islay, predominantly in ex-bourbon barrels. 

The Bruichladdich Thirty consists of a blend of spirits distilled in 1989, 1991, and 1992, using barley varieties from before the whisky industry's modern era, and was aged entirely on Islay. This 30-year-old, unpeated single malt underwent maturation entirely in bourbon casks, with half spending their full term in refill hogsheads and the other half in refill hogsheads that were transferred to fresh bourbon barrels after 20 years.

Bruichladdich 18 Year Old
HED21604 / 70cl / 50%
The first 18 Year Old single malt in the Bruichladdich portfolio, The Bruichladdich Eighteen is a true coming of age bottling. Matured exclusively on Islay, primarily in bourbon casks, together with a smaller number of Sauternes and Port casks, which are vatted and married for nine months before bottling to balance Bruichladdich’s signature floral and fruity character.
Bruichladdich 30 Year Old
HED21605 / 70cl / 43%
The Bruichladdich Thirty is the story of the distillery`s resurrection. It is a legacy bottling which not only pays homage to Bruichladdich`s enduring past, but looks ahead to a promising future. The Bruichladdich Thirty is 100% bourbon matured – 50% full term maturation in refill hogsheads and 50% refill hogsheads, recasked into fresh bourbon after 20 years, vatted and married for a final three months before bottling.
Laphroaig distillery

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