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Dallas Dhu Single Malt Whisky

A Silent Speysider

Dallas Dhu is closed single malt whisky distillery in Speyside

Another closed distillery that is rarely seen bottled as a single malt. Built in 1899, Dallas Dhu was destroyed by fire in 1939, and didn't fully reopen until 1947. After financial issues and problems with the water supply, Dallas Dhu was finally closed for the last in 1983 and the site is currently a museum dedicated to Scotch whisky production.

As mentioned, single malt bottlings are quite rare as most of the production was used in blends such as Roderick Dhu. When it was bottled as a single malt, it was sometimes labelled "Dallas Mhor". The distillery had a single washstill and spirits still and the style is a grain-forward Speysider with a touch of beeswax and oiliness. Lovers of Dallas Dhu often remark on custardy, biscuit-y notes alongside a fresh grassy character.