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An Elegant and Delicate Speysider

Auchroisk distillery in Speyside

Located in Mulben, Banffshire, Auchroisk (pronounced ‘OH-thrusk’) distillery was built in 1974 by Justerini & Brooks in order to establish a secure supply of malt whisky for its J&B blended whisky brand. From very early on in its life, however, it began to release lightly spiced Speyside single malt.

In 1986 Auchroisk’s classic 12-year-old single malt was rebranded as Singleton in order to appeal to a broader range of consumers. That first bottling of Singleton involved finishing 10-year-old ex-Bourbon cask-matured whisky in ex-Sherry casks –the first example of this finishing process. To this day the distillery maintains its core role supplying malt whisky for blends while also producing a range of single malts, principally the Auchroisk Flora and Fauna 10-year-old, which was first released under the original Gaelic name in 2001. 

An unpeated malt, Auchroisk is relatively light in aroma with its level of spiciness depending principally on the wood used for maturation – European oak being used to create more spiciness and American oak for a mellower character.