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From Blends to Single Malts

Ardmore distillery in a beautiful rural setting

Established in 1898, the distillery has a long and storied history. Ardmore was founded by Adam Teacher, who was a member of a prominent family of whisky blenders and merchants. Teacher's was a well-known brand in Scotland at the time, and Adam Teacher was looking to secure a supply of high-quality whisky to use in his blends. He saw an opportunity to do so by building his own distillery, and so he set about acquiring land and constructing the necessary buildings. Currently, Ardmore is part of the Japanese Beam Suntory group.

The distillery uses locally sourced barley, which is malted on-site in the traditional way. The malt is then milled and mashed with water from the nearby Knockandy Hill. The resulting wort is fermented using Ardmore's own strain of yeast. The resulting spirit is a bold Highland-styled malt with notes of honey, sweet vanilla and a gentle whiff of peat.