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Chablis Mont de Milieu

Chablis, Burgundy, France

Located on the right bank of the Serein river, Chablis Mont de Milieu is a Premier Cru climat producing fine Chardonnays which re expressive of the Kimmeridgean limestone soil for which the Chablis region is famed.

Although Mont de Milieu is on the opposite bank to the Chablis Grands Crus, its terroir is often compared to that of the more illustrious appellations. Its particularly warm mesoclimate, with ideal south-facing exposition in a broad, sun-catching crescent-shaped valley, typically produces some of the richest Chardonnays of any Premier Cru. But though undoubtedly rich, Mont de Milieu wines also retain racy acidity and a cool minerality, which become more apparent after several years of bottle age.