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Originating from the quiet countryside of Suffolk, wine has always played a huge role in my life growing up. My father, after working for a wine merchant when he was younger, decided to pursue wine as a hobby rather than a career. This however meant there was always great wine in the house & I quickly gathered a taste for delicious wine, particularly from Northern Spain.

After graduating from the University of Kent with a MSc in Business Management I decided to turn my attention to the wine industry, combining my management background with a love for wine. After a couple of years climbing the ranks in one of the largest wine retailers in the country, the opportunity arose to work with the greatest wines and spirits in the world here at Hedonism & it was an offer I could not refuse.

Here at Hedonism, we are spoiled with the greatest wines from all the classic wine growing regions. However, if I was to nail my own personal tastes down to a few, it would have the be the powerful reds of Priorat, the great Tuscan red blends and whites from Burgundy and California, although all areas of the wine world interest me in some form or another and the process of forever discovering new wines is particularly exciting.

Away from wine, I love exploring the eclectic array of live music London has to offer as well as enjoying a wide range of sport, nowadays more as a spectator than a participant!