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My career in the wine industry began whilst on a gap year in Australia, when I landed a logistics role with a major wine producer in Sydney. Along with growing my passion for wine I was also developing expertise in shipping bottles all over the world. The role captivated me so much that I remained in Australia for a further 8 years observing the grape to bottle process in wine regions all over the country. My favourite regions during that time were; the Barossa Valley, famous for bold reds and Hunter Valley, where Semillons are world-leading.

Combining my passion for wine with a love of travel, I have been fortunate enough to take in some of the most fantastic wine regions around the world. I recently travelled around South America, sampling exquisite wines from Chile, Argentina & even Patagonia. Mendoza will always have a special place in my heart as it was here, in a vineyard overlooking the Andes Mountains where I proposed to my girlfriend.

After returning home to the UK, I was recommended Hedonism Wines as a fine-wine specialist where I could continue to develop my career. Upon entering the Mayfair store and speaking to equally like-minded people passionate about wine, I knew it was for me. I get to apply the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 10 years on a daily basis, to assist in managing the warehouse & get to handle the best wines from around the world.