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Growing up in a traditional Latin family in Portugal, where wine was always part of every meal, helped me develop a great enthusiasm about the world of wine.

The day I opened a bottle of Chateau Lynch Bages 1982 for our Christmas lunch, everything changed and I had my epiphany - I had to learn more about wines and I figured working in the trade would be the best option going forward. It was easy to get a job at first as my parents ran a small wine distribution business and I started by controlling the sales of our wines in supermarkets (and stocking up shelves!) and started dedicating more and more of my time to the business and to discovering new wines.

After 4 years of hard work, my thirst for knowledge and increasing passion for the product made me leave the nest and fly to London for the first time where I landed a job in a well-known chain of Wine Merchants. It was a great learning experience for just under 3 years. I learned a lot about the wines of the New World and Europe and completed my WSET Advanced Certificate as well as discovering my passion for wine retail!

After this great period, I returned to Lisbon to work as an Export and Marketing Consultant for a small wine producer, but quickly decided that an office job wasn’t what I wanted and went to work for an Italian wine specialist as an On Trade Salesman. A few months later, I had the opportunity to join one of Lisbon’s best wine merchants and I didn’t think twice, it was time to go back to back to wine retail! It was amazing to work with a range of over 2000 products including some of the finest Bordeaux, Champagnes and New World wines!

My soft spots are Port (what a surprise!), Champagne and the great reds of the Old World!

I am now extremely happy to be a part of the Hedonism team where we can provide you with the finest wines known to humanity!