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Spanish Wines

Spain can surely boast one of the most diverse selections of wines of any European country. From the light, delicate whites of Bierzo through to the concentrated, full-bodied reds of Rioja, Ribera del Duero and Toro, across to Catalonia for world class Cava and down to Andalusia for the fantastic fortified wines of Jerez.

Winemaking has a storied history in Spain, stretching back to 3000 BC when grapevines were first grown in the country, with winemaking starting as early as 1000 BC by the Phoenicians. Those who think of France as the largest source of wine might be surprised to learn that Spain actually has more grapevines than any other country! Like its European neighbours, Spain's varied climates and topography contribute to the wide range of wine styles across the country's 17 administrative regions, which unsurprisingly, all produce wine.