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German Wines

The ethereal Rieslings of Germany still take pride in place on the wine lists of top restaurants and in the cellars of collectors and connoisseurs worldwide. JJ Prum, Egon Muller, Keller and Robert Weil all produce wines from dry to sweet with great complexity in youth and the ability to age gracefully for decades.

Elegant and food-friendly across the spectrum, top German Rieslings should be on the must-try list for any dedicated wine lover. Yet, while Riesling is top of mind when it comes to German wine, it's not the only grape grown. Despite white grape varieties accounting for more than half of German plantings, reds like Spätburgunder (Pinot Noir) and Dornfelder are increasingly being produced and sought after. Discover the widest collection of wines from Germany here at Hedonism Wines.