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European Whisky

While the category "European Whisky" may immediately bring to mind Scotch whisky or perhaps even the whiskies of Ireland, many countries throughout Europe have entered the whisky distillation game. Seemingly having exploded overnight, from Italy to France and even Sweden to Finland, some incredible whiskies are now being made further afield from the British Isles. Youth, novelty and innovation are the de rigueur when it comes to European Whiskies, rather than tradition and heritage.

Nordic whisky-makers like Finland's Kyro and Denmark's Stauning are leading the trend towards a style that is distinctive and unique from that of Scotland or Ireland, or even America for that matter. Germany now has more whisky distilleries than does Scotland, growing rapidly from a pretty much non-existent market just over twenty years ago. The focus is not to re-create what Scotland and Ireland already do well, but to create a new, modern style, representing refreshing regional takes on an established category of spirits.

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Bimber 12 Year Old Apogee

70 cl

Bimber Bourbon Cask Batch 3

70 cl

Hailing from their west London distillery, this is the third batch of Bimber`s ex-bourbon oak cask single malt. Citrus peel and malt loaf on the nose, zingy lemon and luscious caramelised apricots on ...


East London Liquor Company London Rye

70 cl

Tasting notes on this one vary from candied orange peel, sour cherry candies, toffee apples, chilli peppers, and even one ‘desk drawer, but in a good way’. What we all agree on is that we think this o...


London Distillery Testbed 100% British Rye Duo

40 cl

A long-discontinued limited edition release of British Rye Whisky from London Distillery Company, the same clever people that make Dodd`s Gin. One bottle is filled with unaged Rye spirit and the other...