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WhistlePig 12YO Old World Blend 3cl

3 cl

A Rye whiskey bottled by WhistlePig. This 12YO sees ageing in three different types of ex-wine barrel for added complexity - Madeira, Port and Sauternes. The nose offers caramel, vanilla and plummy da...


WhistlePig 10YO

70 cl

WhistlePig`s standard 10YO rye whiskey. Bottled at 50% ABV & finished in ex-Bourbon barrels, this is a delightfully smooth rye. WhistlePig was founded in Vermont in 2010 & specialise in bottli...


WhistlePig FarmStock Crop 003

75 cl

The first ever majority WhistlePig Whiskey. Comprised of 52% of WhistlePig`sown three year old Rye, blended with 31% six year aged whiskey and 17% ten year aged whiskey from Alberta, Canada. A sweet a...