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Sonoma County Rye

70 cl

A very unusual 100% rye whiskey from California-based Sonoma Distilling Company. The mashbill is an 80/20 blend of unmalted and malted rye, with the unmalted rye sourced from farms in close to the dis...


Sonoma County Cherrywood Rye

70 cl

Imagine all the amazing flavours of a Rye Manhattan, but as a whiskey. From the team behind Sonoma Distilling Company in California, this is what deliciously happens when you add 10% cherrywood-smoked...


Sonoma County Second Chance Wheat Whiskey

70 cl

Another great release from Sonoma County Distilling Company based in California. Produced using 80% unmalted wheat and 20& malted rye, the spirit is then aged for a year in a refill oak barrel.