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American Whiskey

Whiskey is distilled across the United States, from New York to California, from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf of Mexico. The use of freshly charred, new American oak has historically characterised many of the more famous American drams, but these days the styles of whiskey produced in the U.S are as varied as anywhere in the world. Added to that, the United States has seen a craft distilling boom and new producers are looking beyond traditional approaches to a bold new frontier of innovation and experimentation. 

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Bond & Lillard Batch 1

37.5 cl

Distilled and bottled at the Wild Turkey distillery in Lawrenceburg Kentucky, Bond & Lillard is aged for a minimum of seven years in oak before charcoal filtration and bottle.


Coppersea Green Malt Barley Half

37.5 cl

A very unusual whisky produced using un-kilned malted barley. Notes of fresh hay, cucumber, figs and lemongrass mingle while there`s a hint of vanilla and nutmeg from the oak ageing. Enjoy neat at 48%...


Coppersea Green Malt Rye Half

37.5 cl

Part of Coppersea`s fascinating "field to glass" project that involves using only ingredients grown on their estate in the Hudson Valley, New York State. A nose of rye bread, fresh cut grass and a tou...


George Washington Straight Rye

37.5 cl

An interesting project which involved recreating and restoring George Washington`s personal whisky distillery in Mount Vernon Virginia. This white rye was produced using historical accounts of contemp...


John E Fitzgerald 20YO Bourbon

37.5 cl

A very limited released of 20YO Bourbon distilled at the legendary Stitzel-Weller distillery. Using the famous wheated mashbill that Pappy Van Winkle developed for their Old Fitzgerald brand, this is ...


Koval Mikkeller

37.5 cl

A collaborative whiskey with Mikkeller, the internationally acclaimed “nomad” micro-brewery founded in Copenhagen, Denmark known for producing cutting-edge brews around the world.