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American Whiskey

Whiskey is distilled across the United States, from New York to California, from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf of Mexico. The use of freshly charred, new American oak has historically characterised many of the more famous American drams, but these days the styles of whiskey produced in the U.S are as varied as anywhere in the world. Added to that, the United States has seen a craft distilling boom and new producers are looking beyond traditional approaches to a bold new frontier of innovation and experimentation. 

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American Whiskey Advent Calendar 2018 Edition

72 cl

Drinks by the Dram present another superb advent calendar. Count down the days to Xmas & enjoy a selection of delicious Bourbons along the way.


Bourbon Advent Calendar 2019 Edition

72 cl

An advent calendar from the clever people at Drinks by the Dram. A miniature of fine Bourbon for the 24 days before Christmas - the perfect gift for a fan of American whisky and guaranteed to keep the...


Smooth Ambler American Whiskey 107 Proof

70 cl

A barrel-proof edition of Old Scout bottled by Smooth Ambler in West Virginia. This is a full-bodied spirit with a nose of roasted coffee, maple syrup and light spice before a big, rich palate with to...


Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey

70 cl

A blend of two different whiskies made to two distinct mashbills. One of the two whiskies in the blend is aged in re-charred oak barrels, which means it cannot be labelled as Bourbon. The nose is ligh...


Smooth Ambler Old Scout American Whiskey 3cl

3 cl

A 30ml bottling of Smooth Ambler Old Scout.


Tatoosh Rye

75 cl

Tatoosh distillery was opened in Seattle in 2009 and founded by Troy Turner and Mark Simon. Ingredients are all sourced locally in the Pacific Northwest and the mashbill in this excellent Rye is aroun...