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American Whiskey

Whiskey is distilled across the United States, from New York to California, from the Pacific Northwest to the Gulf of Mexico. The use of freshly charred, new American oak has historically characterised many of the more famous American drams, but these days the styles of whiskey produced in the U.S are as varied as anywhere in the world. Added to that, the United States has seen a craft distilling boom and new producers are looking beyond traditional approaches to a bold new frontier of innovation and experimentation. 

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AH Hirsch 15YO Reserve Gold Wax

75 cl

A rare 15YO bottling of AH Hirsch from 1974. Unusually, this is one year younger than the more commonly seen 16YO - a very rare edition of a very rare Bourbon.


AH Hirsch 20YO Reserve Red Wax

75 cl

An ultra rare bottlings of another superb Hirsch Bourbon.


Carstairs Rye Whiskey c. 1919

75 cl

A very rare bottling of Carstairs rye whisky from the early 20th century. Distilled by Carstairs Brothers Distilling Co in Philadelphia.


Doughertys Private Stock Pure Rye Whiskey (Bottled ...

47.3 cl

A 13YO Rye distilled by the Woolner Distilling Co in Peoria, Illinois. The company was founded by three Hungarian brothers and owned a number of distilleries mostly producing Rye whiskies and gin.


Rock Town 1YO Batch 2 TBWC

50 cl

A bottling of one year aged Bourbon from Rock Town Distillery who are based in Little Rock, Arkansas. Buttered popcorn, maple syrup, red berries and wood shavings pop on the nose while the palate brin...