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Wine paradise

If you have even a passing interest in wine, you will have noticed some dramatic changes over the past few years. Your favourite wine may have doubled or more in price while remaining of exactly the same quality.

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Mayfairs most wanted ES meets Yevgeny Chichvarkin2

Mayfair’s most wanted: ES meets Yevgeny Chichvarkin

To succeed in business you need luck. Yevgeny Chichvarkin has had dollops of it, most of it bad. He has been persecuted by the Russian authorities and was forced to flee to London, hiding from the Moscow police in the back of a car. 

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New Temple to Fine Wine2

Temple to Fine Wine

London's latest vinous attraction, Hedonism Wines, has opened its doors to much fanfare. With nearly 5,000 wines and spirits from a price range of £15 a bottle up to £120,000 it is a wine shop with unlimited ambition. WSJ's Will Lyons explores.

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In a classe of itsown2

In a classé of its own

One can’t help feeling just a tad sorry for Jeroboams’ delightful Davies Street wine shop in Mayfair. There it is, nicely minding its own business — and then what happens? A Russian oligarch rides into town and opens what might possibly be the world’s greatest fine-wine emporium directly opposite.

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A cellar in Mayfair The Spectator2

A cellar in Mayfair

There is mixed news. It must be a long time since the nightingales sang in Berkeley Square. The traffic drowned them out long ago. There are still relics of grace and piquancy, most notably in Maggs Bros bookshop. But the old Mayfair, where the nouveaux riches learned to wear the fauns’ garlands of refinement, had been driven deeper into Georgian houses in quieter streets — until now. There has been a counter-attack. -Earlier this week, even though there were still no nightingales, I heard the music of the spheres.

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Anthony Rose The Independent2

Anthony Rose: “There’s nothing cheap in London’s poshest new wine emporium”

After the last tasting at which my mother refused to spit anything out, I was grateful for the fact that this wasn't an option at London's poshest new wine emporium, Hedonism Wines. Not so much as a sniff, in fact, of the fabled 1811 Yquem comet vintage at £97k or the grandiose Penfolds Ampoule at £120k. However, Tatiana Fokina, the Mayfair shop manager, was keen to impress on us that 500 of their 4,500 lines, including 1,000 spirits, cost less than £30.

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Hedonism a wine shop like no other Telegraph2

Hedonism: a wine shop like no other

Hedonism: the doctrine that moral value can be defined in terms of pleasure, says the Oxford English Dictionary. Also, sensual indulgence. The OED does not mention, of course it doesn’t, that Hedonism is also the name of a new wine shop in Mayfair, just down the road from Claridges and Vera Wang, which opened last month. I say wine shop. This is a wine shop like the Candy brothers are people who do up flats. Super-bling barely begins to describe it.

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Sarah Ahmed The Wine Detective2

Raising the bar and how: The Penfolds Ampoule meets Hedonism Wines

While recent export figures for Australian wine (year ending June 2012) show a decline in volume, on an optimistic note, value increased. What’s more, in the UK (where Australia is still the number one category in the off-trade), sales above £7 were up by 32%.

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120000 bottle of wine on sale in London2

£120,000 bottle of wine on sale in London

One of the world’s rarest wines will go on sale in London today with a price tag of £120,000. The Evening Standard had an exclusive preview of the special-edition red, made by Penfolds in Australia. The 2004 Kalimna Block 42 Cabernet Sauvignon comes in an ampoule fitted inside a cone. Only 12 exist.

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Luxury wine boutique opens in Mayfair

Mayfair is now home to undoubtedly the most luxurious wine and spirits shop in London. But as Neil Ridley finds out, Hedonism Wines is so much more than just a swanky off-license to pick up a bottle of your favourite vintage Claret.

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Jing Daily

Eye On London: The Cutting Edge

Called “a wine shop like no other” by the Telegraph and a “temple of fine wine” by the Wall Street Journal, Hedonism Wines truly stands alone even in a city awash in the best wines the world has to offer.

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Food Wine

Hedonism, Mayfair: a Winelovers' Playground

London's most luxurious wine shop by far Hedonism looks as if it's the kind of place you'd need to take out a mortgage to buy a case. Fortunately appearances deceive...

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$200,000 Whisky is Pure Hedonism

From mobile phones for the mass market to fine wines for the very rich. Russian millionaire Yevgeny Chichvarkin's new venture Hedonism Wines may contain the finest selection of wine and spirits in the world. They're definitely among the most expensive, with one bottle going for $200,000. 

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Telegraph article

Wine Review: Hedonism wine shop, London W1

Haute couture and jewellery lure many to Mayfair in London, but since Hedonism Wines opened on Davies Street those in search of fashionable wines head there, too. The bling of the place makes you blink, literally, at the chandelier made of 125 hand-blown Riedel glasses, and at the back-lit wall glowing with 88 bottles of golden Château d'Yquem. I unfashionably gawped and gasped at it all.

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Hedonism Wines: Vintage Service

Imagine the Temple of Bacchus crossed with a sumptuous Aspen ski lodge, throw in some trippy design tweaks worthy of Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, and you'll have some idea of the cru-classé act that is Hedonism Wines, certainly London’s — and possibly the world’s — most striking fine-wine emporium, occupying a sizeable chunk of prime Mayfair real estate.

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Hedonism wines raises bar for fine wine retail

Hedonism Wines has been set up by businessman Evgeny Chichvarkin, founder of Russia’s largest mobile phone retailer, Evroset. Chichvarkin has brought in former project manager Tatiana Fokina to run this new company, along with ex-Harrods wine and spirits buyer Alistair Viner.

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