Vin Jaune 1774

Bottled at a time when Napolean Bonaparte was still a young boy, the United States of America was an English colony & the French Revolution was still over the horizon. This rare bottle of Vin Jaune was vinified & cellared by Anatoile Vercel in 1774 & remained safely stored at his families estate for over 200 years.

For those out there who are sceptical that this wine is still in good condition, a bottle from the same batch was opened in 1994. 25 top sommeliers who had the chance to taste the wine said it had “a lot of golden amber colour and mixture of flavours such as nuts, spices, cinnamon, vanilla and dried fruits still present” and that it was in excellent condition.

This is the last known bottle from this batch, the oldest known to be in existence and would surely be the crowning jewel in any collection.

This rare piece of history is available for £72,553.80.