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I was born in Rouen, a lovely, historic city in Normandy & grew up in a family that have a real passion for wine. Some of them are real connoisseurs, taught me a lot about it & encouraged me to appreciate the huge variety to be found in the wine world. 

After obtaining my Master’s degree in the international trade, I decided to move in London. Following a successful career as a business consultant I felt that it was time for me to work for something I have always been passionate about - wine!  The next step in this journey was joining Hedonism Wines - a truly unique & wonderful place where I learn about wine and spirit every day. In the meantime, I have been a student at the Wine and Spirits Education Trust and I just finished my level 3 Advanced Certificate. 

Since I started working at Hedonism, my career as well as my knowledge have considerably evolved. 

I still have many wines to taste and many wine regions to visit. The last wine tour I did where in the Loire Valley - a stunning region, lovely people and delicious wines! I don’t’ know what my favourite wine is, there are just too many that I haven’t tried... maybe I will find out in 20 years!