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My journey into the glorious world of wine thus far has been a brief but intense one!

Growing up in rural Buckinghamshire, wine was never a significant part of mine or my family’s life. That is, until I secured my first job in a local wine bar & delicatessen when I was just 17. This is undoubtedly where my flare for good wine & food started. A year later, I decided to spend some time living with family in South Australia, where I spent 8 months working in local restaurants & trying my hand at the odd bit of vineyard work. After a summer of wining, dining & visiting almost every cellar door in the state, I returned to the UK to enrol in an Oenology & Viticulture course at the UK’s only winemaking college. In truth, I never aspired to become a winemaker, but after three years of reading round the subject, I was desperate for a much deeper understanding of winemaking theory.

It was here that I had the chance to roll up my sleeves & really get involved in the production of award winning English Sparkling wine - an area I’m still hugely interested in! From here, I also got to spend an excellent couple of summers working in Bordeaux, as well as a third in an outstanding Californian estate. I graduated three years later, confident in the knowledge that the experience I’d received exceeded anything I could’ve hoped to attain through casual reading (and drinking!) alone. A subsequent bronze medal at the EUROPEA Young Winemakers Championships and a two year stint at a local Whisky merchants only reinforced my eagerness to be part of this fascinating industry. It was at this point I decided to step into the world of wine retail& enjoyed a successful time at a reputable central London merchants, before deciding to take the plunge and jump head-first into the best wine retail experience on offer – Hedonism Wines!

If forced to choose an area I’m most interested in, it’d have to be classic French reds from Bordeaux, Burgundy & the Rhône (I’d be the first to admit I’m a huge Francophile!), but I’ll always have a soft spot for English fizz. Although I like to think I haven’t hung up my winemaking trousers just yet, I hope to be let loose in the cellar once again someday. But for now, I’m excited to be working with one of the greatest collections of fine wine from every corner of the globe & I look forward to chatting fine wine & food with anyone who decides to pay us a visit!