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Born in Normandy, France, and growing up on the Bay of Arcachon near Bordeaux, I have been raised with the French tradition of good food and good wine. From which I kept the memory of my dad and I, choosing the wine to be served from the cellar for most of our weekend meals.

My passion for wine continued to grow over the years. At its peak, I was the president of the wine association of my business school in Bordeaux where I was organising sponsored events by the city of Bordeaux, Saint- Emilion; working closely with winemakers and wineries, while organising wine tasting on weekly basis. That year I also participated to the regional Pol Roger blind tasting in which I finished third place.

Beyond the beauty of wine as beverage, I am inspired by the unique way it impacts all senses. Wine creates an experience that can be so vividly recalled, becoming memories captured in snapshots and portraits, replayed in our minds at brief sightings of the bottle. Perhaps this is why I prefer to showcase wines by pairing them with meals, moments, settings, and friends to create new memories.

My philosophy about wine: “You do not need a special occasion to drink a great bottle of wine. The bottle, itself, is the special occasion. However, an exceptional bottle will make this instant memorable.”

My thirst to craft such experiences for myself led me to San Diego where I completed my bachelor degree in International Management. During my time living in California, I managed to exercise other passions gaining experience as a photographer and a personal chef. I also had the fortunate opportunity to move to China, residing in both Beijing and Shanghai, where I studied Mandarin as well as continued my work in photography. 我是你身边的 Hedonism Wines.

As areas of expertise in wines and spirits, I consider myself well-versed in all regions of French wine (with a heightened focus on Bordeaux), Calvados, Sake, and also American wines. My favourite wines will be old vintages of Burgundy, Pinot Noir from Oregon, Bordeaux especially Saint-Estephe and Saint-Emilion, and lesser known wines of Argentina. In life, as a true epicurean I also appreciate good food, fine cigars, and am affectionate for art, photography, and music.

I look forward to meeting with you at Hedonism to discuss wines, pairings, and to help you craft your own memorable wine experiences.